City Nature Challenge

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Is the City Nature Challenge 2020 still going to happen?

I’ve been looking forward to this event, but given the current news it looks like any group activities or bioblitzes may be inadvisable… is the event still going to go ahead in a more solo individual kind of way, or will…

16 March 21, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions - City Nature Challenge

The app is not allowing me to add my observation to my city’s project. How can I tell if my observations are in my city’s project? What is the difference between wild and captive/cultivated? Can I add photos of differen…

16 March 3, 2020
About the City Nature Challenge category

Welcome, City Nature Challenge participants! This is a temporary category for the City Nature Challenge, a worldwide event from April 24th to May 3rd, 2020 in which people from over 150 cities will be sharing their obse…

4 March 3, 2020
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