Ability to choose a pic of my observation as profile pic directly

It would be great to have the ability to choose one of my observation pics as my profile pic directly. This would help make the app more social with the ability to show off beautiful observations as display pic directly.

if you still have the original photo, then you could just select that photo as your profile pic. if not, you could probably do this:

  1. from the website find the observation, and click on the button to see details of the photo you’re interested in.

  2. on the photo details page, select the version (size) of the photo you’re interested in, and then right click on the image and copy the image link.

  3. go to your account settings and select a file for your icon. when prompted for a file, paste in the image link that you copied earlier, and select open or ok.

  4. finally, save your profile, and marvel at your new profile pic:


We won’t be moving forward with this request so I’ll close it.