Add feature to include discoveries / trends on projects

This feature request is to have the option to automatically “bring the Trends (and, specifically, the Discoveries) tab from the Taxa screen to Projects.” ( as suggested by @pisum in response to this query. )

One use case for this is in UK county projects which are managed en masse by @SteveMcBill, where it would be good to be able to automatically highlight any species finds which are new to county to those who follow the project.

One thing to note is that the ‘discoveries’ tab does not exist for many taxa, only the relatively ‘complete’ ones such as birds, Odonata, etc

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oh right. Why is this?

Some taxa (all or nearly all vertebrates, some other taxa) are considered “complete” on iNaturalist, basically meaning that we are following a global taxonomic reference and all known extant taxa have been added to iNat’s taxonomy. You can read more details here. This allows us to know, more or less, which species have and have not been observed so we can fill out the Wanted section. I think the reason we don’t have Discoveries for “incomplete” taxa is that so much of the taxonomy is in flux or unknown, making “discovery” a bit less concrete.

I think it’d be a cool feature to have on collection projects, but would take some design work at minimum.

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