Add private notes to observations


I would love to have an ability to leave comments for my observations that only I can see. These comments may make no sense for everybody else or I simply want to keep them private for some reason.

Thank you!

You can sort of already do this, but there’s no gaurantee that it would stay hidden in future revisions of the site, and you would have to hit the ‘edit’ button to read the contents! :

Unrecognised ‘markup’ commands in the text are just ignored, so if you surround your text with
< comment this is hidden text>
(but leave no gap between the “<” and word “comment”, that I’ve had to do here so that it isn’t hidden!), it will not display.

You probably need to precede it by something visible like “notes:” to remind yourself that there is something hidden in there.

This works for descriptions, comments within IDs and normal comments.

Not quite what you were thinking of, but might be useful :-)

(there is nothing special about “<comment” it could be “<xyzzy”, just something that is not a markup text command like “<i” for italics or “<a” for html anchor)


neat trick!

Thanks Tony, however this is indeed not what I am looking for for a reason you mentioned too – the developers might change the WYSIWYG editor, and I don’t want all my notes disappeared one day! :)

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I don’t think anything would delete the comments, I was just worried that they might someday all become visible to everyone (ie instead of ignoring unknown markup text it might just display it)

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This could be handy, especially if one could search for them. Instead of calling them ‘private comments’, perhaps call them ‘personal notes’ which could be a diary of the day, or sensitive information like how to access a site, the landowner’s name and contact details.

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Closing as it’s not a feature we plan to add.