Add tags, fields, threatened (status), description choice(s) to populate Collection Projects

I believe it would be beneficial to allow tags, fields, threatened (status), and description choice(s) for populating projects. I am suggesting expanding the Collection Project filters to include choices that exist in Observation searches.

Users wishing to participate in a particular Project could also add specific known qualifiers such as a tag to an observation. This would cause that observation to be included in the Project as long as other filters (or none) are met.

Pre-existing noted factors such as leucistic, albino, infected, parasite, injured, marine, seaweed, UV, net, rust, gall, red, blue, banded, radio collar, unusual, cryptobiotic/cryptogamic and etc. could be used to build a Collection Project. As well, with this feature build in “and / or / excluding”.

Hi @bobmcd, I’m thinking maybe you meant “populate” instead of “propagate” in your request title and description?


I’d like to add licensing for project’s filters to promote open data in biodiversity studies.

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I definitely agree with this feature request! A colleague is looking to create an iNat project for camera trap images, and part of the purpose would be to discover new iNat users with camera traps to add to a British Columbia-Alberta camera trap network. Without the ability to filter by tag it seems like her only option is to create a traditional project and manually find people with camera trap images and request them to add their observations.