Add “unobserved_by_user_id=“ to filters in the apps

The “unobserved_by=“ tool is a nifty but underused feature on the main site. I was wondering if it could be added in the app so we can use it in the field. Currently I pull unobserved species from the main site and put their coordinates in Google Maps, but it’s a tedious and time consuming process.

There is already the “Missions” feature in Android, but it’s absent in iOS. Even Missions only shows you observations near you, so I could see a case for showing unobserved_by_user_id= in the Explore section too.

Do you think it’s important to be able to type in any username? Or should it just be a checkbox that says like “Species not yet observed by me”?


There could be a checkbox so you could see yours, after which you can edit the url to do someone else’s. Either way (checkbox or typing) you would still need to type in a username if it’s for someone else, but a checkbox would get rid of the need to type in your name.

Where is it, please?

It is simply a parameter you add to an observation search. For example

Please note it is not location specific. So that example details species seen in Ontario that I have not seen, my list of observations is not Ontario specific. So if there is a species reported from Ontario that I have only seen outside the province it will not be in that list.



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