Adding an additional, supporting ID caused the observation to become casual

Twice in the past two or three days, when I’ve added a supporting ID to an observation, the obs has become casual! I cannot find the first one, but here is the second:

It has two agreeing, family-level IDs, and no negative votes on the Data Quality Assessment, but is now Casual–which I could see happen exactly as I added my supporting ID.

The observer opted out of the community identification process.

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Ah!! Ok, so I can see how that would be the cause, but not why it happened in sync with the second ID (the first ID wasn’t from the observer, either).

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The casual status comes from the Community ID (CID) being different to the observers ID when they have opted out of CID. The observers ID is Unknown (and as pointed out in the comment it is a weird situation to be opting out of CID and not putting an ID yourself!). It takes two IDs minimum to form a CID, so it is not until you make the second ID that there is determined to be that difference, hence the casual appears as you make the second ID.


Thanks, that clears it up for me. I guess this should be removed from bug reports . . .

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