Adding nested polygons in a kml as a place

I am trying to add a kml file with a boundary polygon of a watershed with nested polygons of glades inside. The large watershed polygon is the only one that shows data. The nested polygons area “holes”. I cannot find an example of multiple polygons within a boundary. Can someone provide some advice?
Thanks Vickie - new iNaturalist users

If I understand what your trying to do correctly, the nested polygons should be separate places. An example of this would be a state place has multiple city places inside of it. The city places aren’t part of the state place.

Yes I think you understand but there are thousands of glades (n= 133,667 to be exact) within hundreds of watersheds. Each glade would have to be loaded as a single polygon in separate kml files? for real?
We added one watershed and the glades are the holes (

You might be able to have multiple, non-intersecting and non-overlapping polygons in a single kml, I don’t know how iNat processes them. If so it would be one for the watershed and one for the glades. I assume your wanting to be able to tally sightings in the whole area, and sightings in just the glades. Otherwise I don’t see the point in defining the glades as a separate entity.

I tried creating the single kml with multiple, non-intersecting, non-overlapping polygons and we got the “no boundary error” from topological gaps. But you just gave me an idea to idea to create one multi-part feature per watershed! I am not sure if a topological gap is created in this format. Thanks for the brainstorm - I’m going to try this.

Let us know how you get on, it could help others with similar problems in the future!


I think that may be your best hope. However, depending on how many of those 133,667 glades are in one watershed, you might end up exceeding the size limit (number of vertices) that iNaturalist allows for user-loaded polygons. If that happens, you will need to contact directly to see if anything can be done.

You can definitely have multiple polygons, but they need to be a single feature. Otherwise iNat will only process one of them. As others have said, you do also need to be careful about geometry errors and the complexity of the shape. You might be able to pick up some tips from the range map editing tutorial

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Ok, I extracted the glades from your place and created a new place just of those:
It’s maybe not perfect, but is that approximately what you’re looking for?

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