Adding Places categories?

It is possible to or perhaps is planned to update the list of categories when adding a new place? I think every time I tried to add a new one I could not find what I was looking for.

Notably it is missing categories as national park, protected area, Ramsar site, etc. but also more general ones as sea or ecoregion.


i’m not necessarily advocating for the original request, but i do want to note that the place categories do look a bit messy. specifically, there appear to be a duplication of certain items on the list like “Village Block”, and there also seems to be a near-duplication of other items like “Zone” (uppercase) + “zone” (lowercase). so if someone’s going to add new place categories, they might want to clean up the messiness in the categories while they’re at it.

here’s an example of the Village Block duplication:

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Is there anywhere I can see explanations for Place categories? I want to contribute something to this conversation, but I’m stymied by the fact that I don’t understand what half these Place types are


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