Agree to an ID and add comment simultaneously

Is it possible to click the agree button on an ID and add a comment before if gets posted? Currently you have to agree and then edit your ID to add a comment. Or you have to type in your ID and then it will allow you to add a comment before posting.


I’m pretty sure this is the only way to do both simultaneously.


Yep, no way to do it while clicking on Agree.

Would a feature request for this capability be used by many?

Can’t speak for ‘many’, but personally while I have missed this, it would be relevant for me only on a very small fraction of my IDs. A keyboard shortcut for ‘follow this observation’ would be more useful for me (and I can even live without that without suffering too much).

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Personally, I don’t see any need for it. If you simply want to support the identification, then the “agree” button is fine.

If you want to make a specific comment at the same time as agreeing, then doing a copy/paste or typing out the name in addition to your comment is simple.

Changing it would seem to just add unnecessary complication to the under-the-hood aspects of the site, and there are vastly more pressing issues to deal with first.

Just my opinion.


Thanks for the replies. As mentioned, there are more pressing matters that need attention. The copy/paste option is a good suggestion.

What is needed is an ability to edit ids without opening second tab, that way you could also add a comment to your agreeing id or do everything else with it.

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