Allow current audio recording to be discarded and start new recording quickly in iOS app

The new ability to record audio observations in the iOS app is fantastic. I gave it a try today.

One feature that seems sorely needed is to be able to discard the current audio recording quickly and try again. Currently I have to end the recording, tap Cancel, tap Observe again, and tap Record Sound again to be able to start a new recording. Could a new option be added to the Recording Sound screen to reject the current audio recording (whether still recording or just finished recording) in a single tap? Then the next tap could start a new recording without leaving this screen, saving precious seconds when needed.

The use case I encountered frequently is that I would hear a call or song I wanted to record, start recording next, and then the call or song wouldn’t be repeated for quite awhile after recording began. The recording would have 20-60 s or more of dead time before the target organism called or sang again, dead time neither I nor potential identifiers want to wait through later. So it would be handy when recording if I could tap an option that were let me quickly restart the recording, discarding the previous recording in the process. Or stop the recording, discard it, and start a new recording quickly from the same screen.