Amur Carp VS Ornamental European Carp

I was wondering what the difference was and how you can tell the two apart.

I don’t really think there are ornamental European Carp.

I think is easier to state the scientific names of both types of carps before we start comparing. So I did a fast check online using wikipedia. Amur carp is Cyprinus rubrofuscus. Eurasian/European carp is Cyprinus carpio. The differences of the wild forms may not be very noticeable on the surface. Cyprinus rubrofuscus probably just have a more reddish pelvic,anal and lower part of the caudal fin.
Cyprinus rubrofuscus is said to be the ancestor of koi. Before it became the present forms, it is the golden variety that was popular as ornamental fish in asia. The ornamental european carp is Mirror carp or Leather carp, which is used for food. Some ornamental european carps will have lesser silvery pigment layer and scales I guess. That silvery pigments are guanine crystals. There will be some with normal scales. Due to long history of domestication, the genes of the two species may be mixed.

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