Anyone else miss a chance to document a truly epic observation?

As a very young child I managed to chase down and catch a flying fish with just a little handheld dipnet- I can’t remember where this was other than somewhere on a beach in Florida, and unfortunately I have never seen a flying fish since- tragically, no photographs were ever taken!


Oof, flying fish are awesome, they are especially common near the island of Cozumel in Mexico. Something interesting I’ve noticed about them is that large fish tend to fly higher and for way longer distances compared to the small ones.


Out walking earlier and I was too slow to focus on a shiny, black and white striped micromoth. Maybe Prodoxus, maybe Macrosaccus, certainly a new species for me. Frustrating!

This weekend I bring to you another jay story! I was walking around the forest when suddenly a group of Yucatan jays appeared, and one of them was lying on the leaf litter with its wings spread. I thought it was dead or dying, but when i got too close it sprinted into action and flew away! It was actually basking! And sadly I had no camera at the moment. That same day I also saw a Canivet’s emerald flying around, and some cool butterflies too.

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Not animal but still natural.

When I was a kid, 8 or 9, I saw ball lightning. Its a very rare phenomena science is still unsure how exactly it happens and it has not yet been replicated in a lab, although there are stories that Tesla was able to (and he was also fascinated by it). I was just watching the thunderstorm out our house window, and after rain passed there was still a lot of lightning. I saw a glowing orb hovering over the driveway, about the size of a basketball. I thought I was seeing things, but it stayed hovering slowly moving and I started getting scared if it hit the grass it would start a fire 15 ft from my window! It then touched the ground and disappeared. It was in existence for about 10 seconds - long enough to go from 'what am I seeing" to “ami crazy?” to watching with awe knowing my eyes were not lying to me.

Luckily my mom did not think I was crazy, next day we went to the library to research it, and that’s when I discovered I saw it.

For years I would sit with my camera staring out the window every thunderstorm…still never seen it again.


Just last week I was at a pond which I had been going to for years. I was about to leave when an American Mink bursts out from the bushes and darts into the water. It was gone in seconds.

I saw one of these guys in April of last year and I’ve been waiting to get a photo of one ever since. The opportunity finally comes and I miss it. These minks, man.


Around half a century ago, I was sitting on the dock of a summer cottage my family had rented on a big lake in southern Ontario. A frog swam by under my feet; I thought, “Cool! A frog!” Two seconds later, a mink swam by in hot pursuit of the frog. I thought, “Oh, cool, a mink!!” but took my feet out of the water.


Just yesterday, as my wife and I were driving out of a coastal park, a black bear galloped across the road and up the hill into the forest. Not something we see every year! Camera was with me, but I couldn’t do a thing except slow the car.