Anzxious to make contact with anil_kumar_verma

I am anxious to make contact with Anil Kumar Verma, with a view to asking his permission to use his photographs in my next book.
Thank you
Professor Richard Dawkins
University of Oxford

His real email isn’t at
Suspicious post.


you could just message them, but they may ignore you if theres no confirmation you are who you claim to be

Is there a way to mark possible spam post like this for the moderators to see fast?
Please peole, don´t click the link there.

Edit: Found the flag button


I’m going to close and unlist this thread as I can’t verify that the user says who they say they are, and their question has already been answered.


After some emails with @RichardDawkins, as well as further investigations, I’m pretty convinced the OP is indeed Richard Dawkins. They’re also definitely not a spammer so I’ve unhidden the original post.

We do sometimes get really sneaky spam posts that make it past spam filters, so I understand but you can always check a link in your browser by mousing over it - you should see the URL it points to in the bottom of your browser window. You’ll see this one leads to the email address that’s written in the post.

I’m still going to keep this topic unlisted as the forum isn’t a place to ask for photo permission (best to message the user on iNat, as outlined in this FAQ) but I wanted to update the folks involved on the thread.