App fills bad locality name when there is no signal and the observation gets uploaded next day

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android 8

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.29.18 (592)

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I was not able to reproduce this issue at this time, perhaps the bug can only be reproduced at specific locality, but it has already happened to me twice in the past three years ago. I was in the field with no signal, and I recorded in the app the linked observation ( ). Next day when I got the signal the observation got submitted. But, for some reason, there is wrong locality named “NP ?eské ?výcarsko”. First, this name has mangled some Czech characters, should be “NP České Švýcarsko”. But, more importantly, the locality name “NP České Švýcarsko” is completely wrong - it lies 100 km to the north. GPS signal was available at the time of taking the observation and the coordinates are ok, the problem is just the locality name.

It has already happened to me in the past with these two observations:
It is interesting that all these observations are approximatelly from the same locality.

there is a community-created place in iNaturalist with this name: it doesn’t look like this is associated with any projects, and there’s no user id associated with it. if it’s not being used by anyone and it’s incorrect, maybe the right path is to flag it and ask a curator to delete it?

Unless you manually edited it, that’s the locality note, which we get from Google Maps, based on the observation’s coordinates.

I asked our Android dev about this, and he said we get the locality note from Google:

  1. If you use the location picker screen - we use Google Geocoder class for this after choosing a location.
  2. If you just create a new observation - we use that same class, based on the lat/lng coordinates we received.

So either it’s an issue of the Geocoder class, or that the observation got inaccurate lat/lng coordinates

How did you get this observation’s location?

I’m setting this to close in a week. @tomas175 please reply before then if you can, and reply to my post above.