App "...more" Project options "Okay" and "Leave" I want to Stay in Project, leave page

I was making an Observation on the iNat App, iPhone 12, saw “more”, saw “Project”- went to see what was being posted, then wanted to go back to observation so hit “Leave” (thinking, leave this page- ) message says I will be Leaving Project and with all my Observations. Only other option is “Okay”- but it’s NOT “okay”! I never meant to Leave the Project, I only meant to go back to the last page! How can I get out of this. Help, please!

Hi Carol! I would love to help, but I’ll need some more information first.
First of all, what is your primary issue? Navigating the app, or rejoining the project? Something else, or even both?

If you’re on the page of a specific project, you should see a little arrow in the top left. Click that to go back to the section where all the projects are.

presumably you can use the phone’s “back” button

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