Arrow shortcut on Identify does not work on DQA tab if checkbox still loading


Firefox 81.0.1 (latest)
bug appears with various parameters on ID page

Step 1: Open ID page

Step 2: Go to DQA tab and do any of the following:
Select Yes or No for “Based on the evidence…”
Or Un-select Yes or No for same question

(other DQA options don’t produce the bug)
(and, if you then go back to any of the other tabs, the arrow keys DO work)

Step 3: Try arrow keys to move to next/previous observation. No response.
If you instead click the arrow to move to next/previous observation, it works.

minor bug, I know :woman_shrugging:

Hmm, can’t replicate in FF on my computer. I do notice that un-checking “No” here results in a long spinner, but the arrow keys work OK. Maybe it’s an extension? I also have very fast internet, so perhaps it doesn’t get hung up for long enough.

Internet speed could be a factor. Once the spinner is done spinning the arrow keys do work again.
Do you want a list of my currently active extensions?

No, but it might be worth turning them off and seeing if that makes a difference.

temporarily disabling my extensions and renewing the page didn’t help

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OK, thanks. I can add it to my report next week.