Atlas marked=false, but "there are observations not represented by this atlas"?

On a totally separate issue, can someone please explain what the ‘marked’ column on the atlases homepage in the list of atlases means ? I had assumed, based on the text above the list that if it is ‘true’ that means there are records considered out of range in the atlases that need resolution, and if false this was not the case.

However, that is clearly not the case. For example this :✓&filters[taxon_name]=Pondhawks&filters[taxon_id]=53868&filters[is_active]=&filters[is_marked]=False

It shows the one atlas there as ‘false’, but if you open it, it clearly shows there are records considered out of the atlas definition.

I haven’t really fiddled with the filters myself.

But, looks like for that example, it’s a bug with a cluster of obs all by the same user that aren’t showing up as appearing in any places, including Texas.

Since the marked atlases are based on obs being not_in_place, buggy obs like these will show up as falling outside the atlas.

Marking and unmarking something in the DQA “added” them to the places.

Something else can obviously drive it.✓&filters[taxon_name]=Whitefaces&filters[taxon_id]=55407&filters[is_active]=&filters[is_marked]=False

Has 1 record outside the atlas definition, but it is clearly assigned to standard places, yet the atlas is still marked as ‘false’

Looks like that person mapped the obs in the wrong state. We probably need a more stable example. :)

I know they mapped it incorrectly, but as of right now, it is mapped in Georgia, Georgia is not in the atlas for that species, yet the atlas is still marked as ‘false’ in terms of having records that need review, and it was that way before you added the vote and the record was RG.

I think (but am uncertain) that the disconnect may be that them ‘false’ indicator is only basing the classification on Research Grade records, while the search that is run when you click the show out of atlas records returns both RG and needs ID records. It would be nice were it consistent, either tell us there are records of either kind that need to be looked at, or only do the RG ones.