Automatically update subscriptions to taxon to reflect taxon swap

this might be a little niche, but i’d like the system to automatically update subscriptions to a taxon if that taxon is affected by a taxon swap. for example, i was/am subscribed to genus Dracopis which was swapped with Rudbeckia section Dracopis. after the change, i would have liked the system to have automatically subscribe me to Rudbeckia section Dracopis and removed my subscription to the inactive genus. this should apply to any subscriptions at the place / taxon level as well.

(as a side note, i wonder if projects that include specific taxa are automatically updated if one or more of their included taxa are swapped?)

I think projects do not update. I remember I had to send a note to a project owner, I believe it was on ferns when a taxa swap caused all records to disappear and they needed to change the rule.

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It surprises me that the changes don’t propagate through to all uses of the taxon, including project criteria and subscriptions… gets my vote!

The current subscriptions functionality is due to be revamped, so I’m closing this request.