Bate's Pygmy antelope missing?

I came across out of interest a missing antelope species, the Bate’s Pygmy antelope also known as the Dwarf antelope missing in the taxa list. Does anyone know why this is and is it to be fixed? Of course I don’t have any observations of it but It’s just curious since I feel it should have been listed by now considering the amount of species INAT has added.

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It’s listed under Neotragus batesi. The primary English common name is Dwarf Antelope, but Bates’ Pygmy Antelope is also listed. The genus name will be changed soon.

It’s named for George Latimer Bates, thus the correct possessive is Bates’.



Looks like it is moving to Nesotragus from Neotragus.

Just a reminder that if you think a taxon is missing or there’s another taxonomic issue, it’s best to flag the taxon or its parent on iNaturalist itself. Go to that taxon’s page and click on “Flag for curation” under the “Curation” menu.


Thanks for the info!

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