Best way to check that observation fields are correctly filled in a project

Dear all,
With some colleagues we are testing the possibility to move the FishWatchForum (FWF) to iNaturalist (or at least, in a first step, having an iNaturalist portal). FWF is a citizen science database of fish records from Europe and the Mediterranean (, with the characteristic to have a thorough process of validation of associated metadata (Identification but also habitat description, sex, size, depth etc…) by a consortium kin ichtyologists (professional or not).

We are currently discovering the functionalities of iNat projects; thus we have not yet advertised about the creation of our iFWF project (“European Fish Watch Forum” on iNaturalist)

We want to keep track when one project manager has checked an observation (meaning that all fields are correctly filled in). To do this, in the “identification” window, we propose that manager quickly adds the field “Control” → value = Yes. But how can we easily find all observations in the project that have not been controlled yet ? I read various threads about the fact that “&without_field” in the url adress was no longer available. Is there any other trick used by project manager to filter observations with mission fields ? I think it is important to manage projects.

Thanks a lot for your help.

just to clarify, the parameter has never been implemented. (if it was implemented though, it would definitely make what you’re trying to do much easier.)

probably the most straightforward thing would be to just export the observations from the project, including the observation field as one of the export fields. (the observation field will become an export field option once you add it to any observation.) then just filter the results to look for observations without that field populated.

exporting observations seems to be a bit slow nowadays though. if you know someone who can code a bit, you might be able to leverage the iNat API to get your project observations and then drop the ones with the observation field added. that might get the observations you’re interested in faster, though the API route is probably not a great solution if your project grows to more than 10000 observations.

Thanks @pisum for your response. I will have a look at iNat API. Meanwhile, the best way I found to deal with this is to include one additional field that I created in the pop-up window that appears when poeple add an observation to the project: “Verified (observers: please leave the default value “No”)”, which is set to “No” by default. Once validated by a project’s member, the fvalue of the field is changed to “Yes”.

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