Best way to produce a species survey for municipal group w/ obscured locations

Here’s my predicament. I have gathered a large amount of observations within the boudary of land which my city has purchased to create a natural area/ hiking space. They asked me to collect this data but to keep it obscured because the land is still closed to the public. I created a “project” to group this data, but the observations do not generate within the “place”/polygon of the project because they are obscured.

Is there a better way to group this cluster of observations/data while keeping it private to the public?

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What’s also throwing me is the fact that iNat seems to have thought of this and has an opt in for hidden coordinates, with a project editor option stating: “You should be able to view hidden coordinates for observations by trusting members.” I am the creator of the project and the only member, but none of my obscured observations generate within the field. What exactly are the hidden coordinates if not obscured observations?

You either need a traditional project or make all members to allow their coordinates to be seen. They won’t show on map, they’re only shown in project observation list for you.

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On the project homepage at the top right, when you click “Your Membership”, is it set to “Yes, for any of my observations” under “Trust this project with hidden coordinates”?


Hey that did it! Thank you!

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