Bug or feature? Unexpected behaviour of "Duplicate" ... duplicated observation is refound in Antarctica

Well i sometimes “Duplicate” observations, especially when I found several critters on the same plant. My first step is to upload an observation of the plant, and then I duplicate this observation of the plant. Later i add the photos of the critters (to the duplicates of the original plant observation) and last I rearrange the photos, so that the plant (the habitat of the critters) becomes the last shot in the observation of the critters.
Well i got used to the fact that i can duplicate every observation only once (and then have to close and reopen it) … as otherwise the pictures of the plant get lost. But now i found out that also the comments can get lost during duplication … and in this observation some random numbers obviously invaded the coordinates during the duplication process:
(its not a nice observation - a dead caterpillar - so do not open if a dead caterpillar offends you) https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/36760611
place says still Puerto chiquito, Dominican Republic but the coordinates and the accuracy are a little off.
(am using the website with firefox as browser on a windows system)

i think the only way this could have happened is if you accidentally shifted the point of the observation to Antarctica. i doubt this is a bug in the system, and even if it is, unless it can be reliably reproduced, it will be really difficult to troubleshoot, i bet.

Well will fix the wrong coordinates manually now. Had left them as they came out, as i thought this might help.

I’ve never had this happen, but if it does happen again please let us know.