Can I add users to a project and also allow new users to auto join

This is a follow up to the question posed here Can I create a sub project from an existing Project

Am asking a related but different question

  1. In a project I have the option of manually adding users
  2. If I do this, can I still allow new users to auto join or will they also have to be manually added


Anyone can join a project (joining mostly means they will be notified of project journal updates). It sounds like you’re referring specifically to whose observations will be included in the project?

There are two specific user-based project requirements for collection projects: the Users requirement, or the “Project Members Only” requirement, and they kind of cancel each other out so you’ll have to choose one or the other. If you really want strict control over whose observations are included in the project, you’ll have to use the Users requirement and manually add or remove users from it.

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Thanks, I understand

The project is a “temporal” subset of a longer event - so I was hoping that the existing joined users would not have to rejoin a new project.

I am still unsure how it will happen but will start by creating a project “for all India” and all users who post beetles and then invite each who posted any beetle to actually then also join the project.

I think it would work.

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