Can I attach a recording of a bird?

Hello, this is my first post. I have an unknown bird recording from Cornwall. Is there any way to attach a recording?
Thank you Maureen

Welcome to the forum! Yes you can add recordings! If you’re using desktop you can either select the recordings through the “Choose files” button or by selecting “Add” in the upper left. You can also drag a sound file onto the page.

If you’re using the app you can select the plus sign in the lower right and then select “Choose sound”. You can also share sound files to the app and upload them that way, or you can record sounds directly from the app.

If you have a photo of the bird, you can also combine them on desktop before upload, or add one after uploading on the app (which you can also do on desktop).


You need to go to the iNaturalist website, it’s a forum, not the main site.

I think the question was how to add a recording, not what it was a recording of. Maybe the title is a bit misleading.


I didn’t wrote anything about the recording itself, it just happens that sometimes people get to forum before the main website and are looking how to add their photos here, I don’t think it’s an excess information to point out it’s a forum that uses separate platform. I couldn’t find the iNat profile with the name of this account (using both G and g).

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I suppose it can’t hurt to clarify.

The profile is linked through their forum profile; currently no observations so I suppose this is just asking how to use the site.

@Grannimo You may be interested in these video tutorials:


I’ve edited the title to clarify the topic of the post. Welcome, Maureen!

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