Can not add valid observations to a project

I have joined and added numerous observations to the "city nature challenge 2019: Boulder-Denver Metro Area " with no issues. Starting on May 1, I can add observations to inaturalist, but I can NOT add them to this project. I have tried the standard upload on the website and the upload on the iphone application. I have added a screenshot of the iphone app and this project is Greyed out, indicating that I can not add to this. I should still be able to add observations as long as they were completed prior to April 30, which these were.
The observations were completed within the correct timeframe and within the proper location. Not sure what this issue could be.
See screenshot attached

I’m not sure what the issue is either, but know that any observations you made April 26-29 within the boundary of the CNC project will be added to the project.

You don’t actually need to add the observations to the project - the way these projects work is that they automatically search for all observations that fit the “rules” of the project and add them. So they’re making it into the project, even if you’re not actually adding them manually to it.

Hope that helps!

Ok, thanks much. I just wanted to be sure that they were included.

There is actually no way to manually add an observation to a collection project (which all CNC projects should be). What indicated that you were successfully adding them to the project?