Can't add IDs or comments on iOS 2.8.5

Hi Tiwane
Since the last update I can’t accept an observation or send a comment neighter. I use the app on an iPhone …
Have you got an idea of what to do ?
Thanks for your answer

Guillaume Dugied/Mercantour

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Hi @mercantour, thanks for letting us know about this. I can replicate. I’m going to edit the subject to elaborate on the issue and bring it to the attention of @alex.

Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience! In the meantime, please use the website for these functions.

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ios app on the iPhone 7+
software version 13.2.2

Freezing issues commenced Saturday 23 November

Add Comment = instant freeze
Agree =instant freeeze

I’ve tried everything I can think of, also:-

I wanted to uninstall the app and then reinstall but I was warned that I would lose all my data. Really?

In terms of losing data you will only lose observations you haven’t uploaded yet. If you have already uploaded all observations you made with the app to the website it should be fine to uninstall and reinstall.

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Hi @grechan, I merged your topic with one that came in just a bit earlier on the same issue.

To escape the freeze, you can force the app to close. If you can avoid adding identifications (including agreements) and comments in the app, you should still be able to otherwise add and manage observations in the iOS app. Until we get a fix out, please use the website for managing IDs and comments.

I don’t think uninstalling and reinstalling the app will work in this case, but @charlie is right that don’t don’t have to worry about losing any data that has been uploaded to iNaturalist.


Hi @carrieseltzer thanks for your answer. Hope it would be fix soon ;-)

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Hi folks,

D’oh, so sorry about this. The latest release had some changes to how we do authentication in iOS, in order to try to fix another bug (presenting the signup prompt again and again to some users during upload). My fixes for that bug seem to have caused this bug in comments / IDs.

I’m pretty sure I figured this out, I’ll put together a hotfix release today and it should be in the app store in a day or two.

Once again, so sorry about this,


Hi @alex Thanks for your answer. I guess it ain’t easy to manage that ! I’ll watch out the AppStore ;-)
Thanks for all


The bug is fixed ;-) Thanks a lot @alex !!
See you !


Thanks charlie. I thought so, as it is, I found finally last night that I could comment and SAVE. whoopee. I suspect some kind soul has been working on it, so I didn’t have to reinstall after all BUT I am now assured of the reinstall option if I ever need to.

Thanks carrieseltzer, I have just seen your comment, I can confirm all seems to be back to normal thanks a lot. BTW I had the same problem on the ipad. I did have to resort to my desktop on one or two occasions but who carries that around in the forest, he he he…

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