Cant remove default text in free text box when adding obs on website

I have three letters of text that I cant remove from the free text box and appear every time I load observations on the website. No idea how I managed to save it there so cant find way to delete! Screen shot attached.
thanks for any advice.

Platform ( Website):

Browser, if a website issue (Chrome, etc) :

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

it would be helpful to know exactly which browsers you see the problem in and perhaps which you don’t see the problem in. do you see the problem in Chrome? what about Firefox?

do you still see the problem after you’ve restarted your browser / machine?
do you have any extensions on your browser(s)?

I only use chrome and its been there months - only just getting round to try and fix. But your answer has made me wonder if perhaps its a google autofill that is causing it. Will check if that is the issue. Thanks!

Sometimes text is autofilled from photo metadata (?). Usually it can be edited/removed though. Can you find any connection with “dav” and how you take/process your photos?

Have you cleared browser cache?