Can't scroll on web uploader from mobile

When I try to upload an observation from the website sometimes, my screen looks zoomed in and I can’t zoom out or scroll around to where it says “Sumbit observation.” I don’t know if this is a problem with my phone or with the site.

Hi Andy, If you’re describing a problem in one of the mobile apps, please tell us which app (Android or iPhone) and describe what you are seeing in as much detail as possible (titles, layout).If the bug relates to our Android app, please send a log file to right after the bug occurs. To send a log file, go to the Settings tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log file to

Oops, misread.

i can’t do any intentional scrolling on the web uploader page on my phone. i suspect that may be just that the page is not optimized for mobile devices. if i navigate directly to that page rather than through another iNaturalist page, i will get a zoomed in version of that page, where as you noted, the submit button is unavailable (since the screen is not scrollable).

that said, if you’re going to be uploading observations on your phone, you might want to consider using the iNaturalist app instead of the website. (i suspect that efforts to make the web upload page mobile friendly will be low on the list of things to do, since the apps exist and offer a better way to upload observations on a phone.)

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This is an issue with the website when I use my iPhone. This does not happen with the app.

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Ack, sorry. Missed seeing that. I added the #web tag and updated the title to make it a bit more specific.

I have the same problem with android browsers, it just stays zoomed and all I can do is try to reach to Upload button, then the problem dissapears.