Cardamine-occulta Nursery bittercress not showing Dutch common name in app or website (Fixed)

Cardamine-occulta showed the English name ‘‘Nursery bittercress’’. Not strange cause there was no other common name. I added the dutch name ‘‘Aziatische veldkers’’ and expected that to be shown but in my Androidapp and on the website it shows now Cardamine occulta, but all other names in Android app and in the website show the correct common name. Is something special with this species?

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Looks like the “Nederlands” lexicon might need to be combined with the “Dutch” lexicon—@kueda ?

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There were only three taxon names with the Nederlands lexicon and I just changed them all to Dutch. @optilete, you may need to wait ~24 hours for all caches to expire before you see these changes in the mobile apps.


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