"casual" due to taxon change?


Did a bug associated with the taxon change cause this observation https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/111324 to become “casual?” I can’t find any reason for it not to be Research Grade.



Looks like he opted out of community ID…



Here’s another: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/285350 In both cases the observer opted out of community ID. But there is no disagreement on either ID. It doesn’t seem like an agreed observation should become casual due to a taxon change.



My understanding is that if you opt-out of community ID, the observation can never become Research Grade. So it should have never been Research Grade prior to the taxon swap, unless the user changed their settings after the community IDs had been applied.



Not at all Eric. The opt-out just means that the observation ID remains at what the user posted themselves. It has no effect on research grade. But it does mean that it can only be research grade if the community ID matches the user’s chosen ID.

This is actually a common bug which has been around for a long time. I’ve had to refresh a bunch of my old observations after taxon swaps have happened, because they “became” casual after the change. The refresh is simply ticking something in data quality and unticking it, or changing the ID.

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Thanks. I’m just going through “casuals” in my area in ascending posting order, so I’ll do that. But there must be a lot of these on the site.



Interesting, has that changed over the last couple of years? I remember having this conversation a few years ago on an observation that had several agreeing IDs (to the users first ID), but could never get research status. A curator stated what I said above. I have tended to ignore opt-outs due to that for a while now…



Certainly not since I’ve been on the site, which is more than a few years. Maybe they saw cases where the user opted-out and had a different ID to community ID, which would have prevented research grade. But most users that use opt-out are happy to be corrected or “opt in” for that observation, so that the community ID overrides their ID.



I’m pretty sure it was a thing too… around 3-4 years ago… I noticed it was not the case recently, and wondered if there was a change or maybe I just assumed it to be the case! Memory plays tricks…