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Can a list of cataloged species from a region (eg Spain, Pyrenees) be included in iNaturalist?

Thank you,

If you go to “Explore”, set your location filter to the place you are interested in (like Spain), and then click “Species” (to the right of “observations”) you’ll get a list of all the species iNat has reported for whatever that location is.

This is basically just doing a search by location.

I think they may be asking the opposite, if they have a list, can it be added.

The place for the Pyrenees in inat is here

If you have a list, there is an add batch link at the top right where you can paste in up to 1000 names at a time, or import a csv file if you format it appropriately (directions on formatting the csv are there).

Both scientific and common names work, but scientific names work better.

It is either disabled or will run slowly into May 10th due to the server demands of the City Nature Challenge. I think but can’t 100 percent remember that it is that it will run slowly.


Thanks for your answer. I am a colleague of Manuel (who made posed the question). Thanks to an INTERREG Europan project, a consortium of botanist (France, Spain and Andorra) have made our own red list for the Pyrenean plants. We also have other national or regional lists of endangered species. Should it be possible to upload them, as an extra to expand the IUCN Red List that iNaturalist contains? Thanks!

There is a template for bulk uploading of conservation statuses here. Please see the “Instructions” tab for details.


Thank you very much, great.

I’m going to download the template and learn how to use it with the instructions.

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