Change 'Organism is Wild' to 'Captive/Cultivated?' in the Data Quality Assessment

I have seen plenty of observations of domestic birds (primarily Swan and Greylag Geese) that are clearly in a park and breeding, but their observations are casual.

Why? Because a domestic ‘is not wild’, though it may be breeding and expanding in that area (for example, Muscovy Ducks in Houston).

I believe the name of this tag is causing confusion among some users. I dislike reporting domestics as casual, since we may not know where they could potentially be spreading or if they could be breeding. Changing it to ‘Captive/Cultivated?’ seems a bit more accurate.

Domestic doesn’t actually mean “not wild”. It means that at some point in fairly recent history, humans have practiced some form of captive breeding on it’s ancestors. So most of the Rock Pigeons in the world are in fact domestic birds, even though they’re clearly wild. Captive means that the individual in question is being held in that location by humans – that can be tricky to judge at a lot of park ponds, of course.

I think of captive as an animal being immediately enclosed (with an exception of birds with clipped wings and obvious peta). We just need to narrow down what exactly should be casual.

It’s pretty well established and discussed in a lot of threads here. But I agree the language should be consistent

I agree, iNat uses “not wild” and “captive/cultivated” interchangeably and it should be consistent.


Looks like we’ll be keeping this as is, it would require a bit too much work (switching definitions and votes since they’d all be opposite) without a major upside.