Changing CNC project boundaries while event in progress

Would there be any problem to greatly increase a project boundaries while a CNC event is in progress?


Welcome to the forum @rosabelmiro! I’m sure someone will answer you soon. (I don’t know the answer.)


Well, in line with preparation of City Nature Challenge the organizers from each participant city filled in the Google table, where we indicated the code of places from the iNaturalist database, and also we insereted the number of inhabitants and area of the polygon used. This was done to calculate stats for number of both observations and species per area and per capita. So, I think that’s not good idea to change the boundaries right now.


Given that the competition element of the CNC was turned off, my sense is that it is not an issue.

However, this is not really a question that the inaturalist community should be determining , ideally @rosabelmiro you should be contacting the CNC organizers for your local area (or whoever you work with at the greater CNC organization with in that capacity if you are the local organizer). inaturalist has no official role in running the CNC


Hi @rosabelmiro - please do not increase the boundary of your City Nature Challenge project right now, since we’re close to gathering the final results. We’d be happy to increase boundaries for next year’s CNC though! Thanks for understanding.