Chitala Observations needed!

Looking to share this project as I am currently on the hunt for as many observations from this genus as possible. I am looking specifically for Indonesian chitala, I have found an incredible specimen that was caught as by-catch from an Indonesian aquarium fish import.

Having it viewed by a few ichthyologists and a handful of fish experts, it is inconclusive what species this is. I have realized the best method to help properly identifying the fish would be comparison to specimens found in nature. iNaturalist is where I come to search for more info. Even observations taken in markets are of much help… ALL OBSERVATIONS NEEDED! For such a little covered genus, I feel a movement is necessary.


Sounds like a cool project @notopteridae but the forum is not a place for promoting projects. I’ve unlisted your topic.

I recommend writing a journal post for your project and tagging observers of this genus or of fish in general this genus’s range. It’s likely to be more successful as only a small number of iNat users are on the forum.

Best of luck!

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