Clicking on a taxon between genus and species (e.g. subgenus) loads the map tab, not taxonomy tab

I think this is a hard issue to explain, but as a curate part of a tree I often manually go from higher level taxa (such as Family Arionidae)…

…to lower taxa (such as Genus Arion) by manually clicking on “Genus Arion”, with the tree display being preserved between clicks and backspaces.

However, I have noticed that whenever I click on a taxon of a rank between Genus and Species (such as Subgenus), it automatically sends me to the taxon range map for the taxon like so.

This is not a major issue, which is why I did not bring this up until now, but it gets more annoying with each consecutive time I am curating portions of the tree that include ranks between Genus and Species.

Can you post an example of where you do get this. I’m not getting this behaviour, so i don’t know what the difference is.

For example if I am on this page and on the taxonomy tab and click any of the subfamily links which contain a subgenus member and then click that , it opens the tree, not the map.

So for example navigating down from Family Longhorn beetles to Subfamily Typical Longhorn Beetles to Tribe Achrysonini etc I consistently stay on the tree view.

The reverse is also true, if I start on a species page such as and click my way up the tree, again I always stay on the tree view.

Wondering if it may be caused by malformed taxonomy somewhere in there versus functionality ?

It happens when going from a genus or a species to any sub-genus. None of the other levels in the taxonomy are affected. Try, for example, going from genus Eupeodes to sub-genus Metasyrphus.

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Jeremy is right. It specifically affects ranks between Genus and Species - not just Subgenus, but also Complex.

It was a mistake to use Arion as an example, because I subsumed those subgenera into Arion to be in line with MolluscaBase.