Collection project shows 2019 obs. as recent?

I just looked at a couple projects I have set up for the place where we do our (non-COVID-times) National Moth Week moth nights. We did a small private night on 7/25/21, and I know that at least three people submitted observations. But for some reason, today when I looked at it, it has 2019 observations showing as Recent Observations. Both of my related projects are like this. I could swear that it wasn’t like that when I looked shortly after 7/25. ??

“Recent Observations” on a collection project are recently created observations. There are some observations created in August 2021 that were observed in 2019 in that same place. Because this is a collection project and the observations match the rules, these observations are included in the project. These are new observations, which is why you weren’t seeing them in July.

In short - projects show Recent(ly created) Observations not Recent(ly observed) Observations, and the most recently created observations matching the project rules were for observations made in 2019.


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