Collection & Umbrella projects you admin don't appear in the right place on your projects page

If you didn’t create the project, but another user has added you as an admin, that project doesn’t appear in the “Projects User Admins” section on their profile page.

but not listed here

(This page probably hasn’t been touched since projects were redesigned and would be improved with a new layout for folks with a ton of projects.)


My “Projects User Admins” is missing a whole slew of projects that I admin (incl. traditional projects). I just assumed that it was because I had too many and it restricted the list to 100 projects out of my almost 200 (249 projects joined) projects.


Alpahabetization or searchability of Projects in that page would certainly be welcome.I have created a lot of Projects - which I would be keen to review as a group and maybe delete one or two - but I haven’t used that page for ages since it is very difficult, effectively impossible, to find a Project not made recently.

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