Comments on Forum Not Deleted within 24 Hours

I have noticed that if I delete a comment on the forum, it then says something like “this comment will be deleted within 24 hours unless flagged.” But that doesn’t always seem to be the case–that is, the comment is not flagged, but it isn’t deleted within 24 hours either. Are there reasons other than being flagged that cause a comment’s deletion to be delayed?

If it was the ones from here:
then they are gone now…

It might be an administrative period thing…, where it only happens “on the hour” or perhaps “on the even hour”, or something like that. It could even be a weird “24 hours starts at this time in the deleters time-zone, but ends at that time converted in the discord servers’ timezone” sort of thing, and so be out an hour because of different daylight savings status…


can you link to an example so I can try to better investigate?

Edit: After a little “investigating” on the main discourse forum I don’t have a great answer and staff will likely have to explain this. Sorry.


Thank you. That makes sense.

When logged in on my account (as an admin), I see some notices of replies that are hidden, eg at I see “View 3 hidden replies”:

But when not logged in, or when logged in as a non-admin, I don’t see those notices.

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I just made a test comment above and then deleted it, please let me know what you see (and share a screenshot if you can).

this is what I see when hitting the link you provided


but maybe this is what you’re requesting?

I’m not sure where your deleted message was.

Ugh, I’m sorry, that was confusing. I meant right above this post. Here’s what I see.

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Maybe because when you deleted it 24 hours have not gone by. Just the day. Or there is a bug. I am not sure.