Comparing Data across years

Is there a way on the iNat site to compare data of specific species sightings across years? I’m specifically looking to compare data on frogs in the Hamilton/Dundas areas over the last few years.

You can do it, but not as specific as Hamilton / Dundas (Hamilton resident here), you can only do it at the county level as far as I know, so you can do Hamilton or Halton etc.

Go to the specific taxa page you want, for example Northern Leopard Frog

In the graph on the right centre click the History tab.

Above that to the right is a link marked Filter by Place, click that and enter Hamilton (note it is not easy to find as it is named strangely, it is Hamilton, CA, ON or Halton, CA, ON

When done make sure you go back into that filter and clear it as otherwise it is sticky and will stay on and make any other looks at the taxa page be filtered.

Please note of course the data will be impacted by the growth of the site.


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