Confirmed ID of Cardinal Meadowhawk Bend OR

My apologies for not finding where to add insect observations. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t with me a few days ago, but the Cardinal Meadowhawk I observed was within a foot of me for several minutes so I was able to make some mental notes and compared photos your site offered. It’s a for sure. Perhaps you can add that to your database. Didn’t see observed sightings on your map.

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Welcome to iNat, Flyrodder! Cool find. What you can do is submit an observation without a photo, no problem. Go to upload -> add -> observation without media. Then fill in species, date, and location. I’d also recommend adding your notes for anyone who wants to use the observation in the future.


To add to what @gmontgomery said, If you’d like, you can also include a drawing (of your own creation, not from a guide or produced by someone else) or a photograph of your notes.

You don’t have to, of course, but it will check the “Has photos or sounds” section of the DQA.

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There’s more than 2k of observations if that’s the meadowhawk you mentioned.

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