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I volunteer for an organization and manage most of their media stuff. I’ve been asked to upload some observations taken at the organization’s many camera traps across West and Central Africa. I want to ensure that all copyright attribution is given to them and has nothing to do with me. The licensing information states that I "must own or control copyright in the work. Only the copyright holder or someone with express permission from the copyright holder can apply a CC license. I would prefer not uploading content from my personal iNaturalist account. Is there a way to (and/or should I) create a separate account on behalf of them?

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So the organization owns a bunch of traps and wants to post some photos from those traps? Not really the best use of iNat, but some photos would be OK. You might consider which I believe is designed primarily for camera trap photos. iNat’s more of a social network that generates data, rather than a data repository.


The organization is a recognized conservation organization for chimpanzees with over 25K volunteer citizen scientists. But it also uses camera traps to identify other species within the study site’s range. For instance, we have footage taken in Nigeria of what we believe are oyan. Nigeria is currently outside regularly accepted range, so if iNaturalist volunteers can help identify the animal in this footage, it would be a significant contribution to the conservation community. We have sitings of other species that are fairly uncommon as well. Do you believe that these types of sitings are a good fit for iNaturalist? If so, can you comment on my question regarding copyright?

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it would be a shame to lose this data to semantics. What about making an account for the organization to use and posting them there? Last i was aware that’s an allowed use of the site.


Make an account for the organization. Then you can retain copyright in the organizations name. You’re just the manager of the account, and you can pass management off to someone else if you leave.


I think a few, posted under an account for the organization, seems fine.


Thank you all, that is exactly what I was hoping to do. I was unclear whether I could create an account in the organization’s name rather than mine. I read just about everything available on the site and couldn’t find anything about this.

See this topic for further info:

Note that in the third post in that topic, Tony requests that a “generic” organizational email address be used for the account (i.e., one that won’t disappear if someone leaves the organization).


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