Could someone help add 'Arlington's Great Meadows' as a place?


I am an admin for the group ‘Arlington, MA Invasives’ ( and I am reaching out to ask for help adding a place to the map, so we can include it in our project. Adding a place requires 50 verified IDs, and we do not qualify. Nor do we wish to spam observations and verify for each other so as to make the minimum. We would really appreciate your help, or a recommendation as to another active user who may help us.

Arlington’s Great Meadows is a park in the town of Lexington, owned by the town of Arlington, MA ( and I cannot add it to our group specifically, without adding all of Lexington, since it isn’t listed as a place on iNat yet. Our group is in touch with the Arlington conservation agent, and the head of the parks department, and we would prefer to work within the scope of parks that they manage, so as to avoid complexity in our networking and project approval. Thus, we do not want to add all of Lexington, but we would really like to add Arlington’s great meadows.

Thank you for your time!

It requires 50 verifiable observations, meaning 50 observations of wild things with all the data (date/place) added, you don’t need to add ids to each other. And your account is above that minimum, so you can add it.

Thank you! I added a place for Arlington’s Great Meadows.

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The park boundaries should be somewhere in the GIS-Open Data section of the Lexington Public Records Portal:


I will request a KLM from them; they have a link to a pdf of a map, but I don’t see anything better than this:

Here is my visually copied version:

In the folder called Parcels, they’re the features called “OFF MAPLE ST” and “CLIFFE AVE”.


I appreciate the help, and I would like to do things the right way, but I have now spent hours trying to install the right software so that I can open those shapefiles on QGIS (on my linux machine – I don’t have google maps pro), and haven’t gotten it to work. I am going to let my estimated map stand for now.

Sorry you’re having trouble! It looks like maybe the same issue as Did you try setting the project CRS to EPSG:26986?

At any rate, I copied the kml text into a pastebin, so if you’re still interested in the official shape, you can find it here.

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Thank you for the help! I really appreciate it. I added the KML boundary that you linked, so Arlington’s Great Meadows on iNaturalist should have accurate boundaries now. I will try again with QGIS later; it seems like a great tool. I was just too impatient to wait a few days while I figured it out before adding the ‘place’ to my project.

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