Counties cannot be added to Project

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue and make as many as you need.): Certain counties are not showing up when you search for them to add them to a project. There has already been a place created for them

Step 1: I was looking at adding all of the counties in the general area of East Texas to a new project. Upon searching for them, all showed up say for Franklin Co, TX. (see photo 2)

Step 2: I looked to see if a place has been created for the location and it already exists (see photo 1). It has also been added to projects.

Step 3:

Welcome to the forum! I’m able to find it for a traditional project but it looks like you’re using a collection project. Did you try searching for “Franklin County, US, TX”? It looks like there’s lots of Franklin Counties and it might not be visible in that search.

Yes, I did, and nothing showed up. The options listed are all that are available. I also looked for “Franklin County, TX, US” and nothing showed up. Also sorry for not clarifying that!

How about now? I edited its actual name (“Franklin”), not its Display Name. It’s working for me:


That fixed it. Thanks!

We need to figure out a way to either improve the search functionality here (it’s not the first time it’s happened) or use a script to change US county place names (not the display name) and add the “US, [state]” to them.


I have created a project (
Wanted it to be for a specific county in Kansas (Montgomery), but it was not available in the dropdown list. Have created many county-specific projects in the past.

Thanks, Travis

Platform Website

Browser, Chrome

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yup. i can’t figure out a set of terms that effectively returns that particular county to the selection list. this is the closest i got:

without iNat staff intervention, the only other way i can think of to add the county would be via an API request. let me know if you’re interested in going down that route and need help with that.

(we did something similar to work around a different problem: .)

Welcome to the forum!
I merged your report with this existing report. Sorry the issue hasn’t been fixed!

It should now be available if you type in Montgomery County, US, KS. I’ll take a look into the broader issue as well this week.


Thank you all for your quick support and this wonderful tool. The project has been updated.

  • Travis
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Hi! I’m having a similar issue here. I’ve managed to add every county in the NC Coastal Plain to my project except for Washington County, which I can see in iNaturalist here: Washington County, US, NC · iNaturalist

However, when I type it in, no option for North Carolina comes up. This doesn’t change if I type Washington County, NC, US or Washington County, US, NC
washington county

Thank you for taking the time to adjust these little bugs @tiwane

OK, how about now?

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Fixed!!! :partying_face: Thank youu :smile: