County Boundaries Incorrect

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The county boundaries for Muskoka do not match the actual boundaries of the county. I have a few Muskoka county projects that are not identifying observations made in the western Georgian Bay islands that fall within Muskoka county. The county lines include all the islands out to North Watcher and South Watcher Island, but don’t include Giant’s Tomb Island.

Step 1: Go to Muskoka-specific project or filter by Muskoka, ON for observations.

Step 2: Click on map tab.

Step 3: The county boundaries are outlines on the map tab and are not including observations in the Georgian Bay region as the county mapping is incorrect.

Muskoka GeoHub has the correct boundaries, except for the two Watcher Islands at the far west end of Muskoka. I would correct the boundaries myself, but don’t believe I have that option.


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