Create a keyboard shortcut to combine pictures in the upload page of the website

When uploading pictures on the upload page of Inat website you can select several pictures and click on “combine” to group them together. I think people who deal with a lot of pictures will appreciate a keyboard shortcut for the “combine” command. I know my wrist will.

Perhaps a keyboard shortcut would help, but I wouldn’t trust an automatic stacking to get a set of images for one observation in the proper order that I desire. The images will appear on the upload page in a time sequence, I believe. So if I am combining 3 to 5 images of a plant showing flowers, inflorescences, leaves, stem, etc., I might have taken them in some more-or-less random sequence in the field and there’s no telling how those would be stacked using a keyboard shortcut. I have control over that sequence when I combine them manually.

If they were auto-stacked with a keyboard shortcut, I could theoretically go in after-the-fact and re-order the images as desired–but that just adds an additional and undesirable editing burden.

Hi, may I ask how you do that?

Drag and drop photos one by one, first one in a row stays first for observation.

To clarify, I’m asking for a strict equivalent to clicking the button “combine” with the mouse. This is only for the sake of having less mouse movements.

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