Create an Observation Ticker

Since the announcement of 25,000,000 observations, I’ve been excited to see the number of observations blow past 26 million.

It would be great if there were a sort of a ticker showing the number of observations in real time. It would be great to see the number of identifiers and observers growing too. If there were a widget with those four tickers, plus images of each new species identified, I’d always have it open on my desktop.


@simonrolph made this one:


I love it! A little rough around the edges, but i bet it will improve with time.

I’m going to make it my screensaver or desktop if i can.

Many thanks!


So cool! I just checked it 10 minutes apart, and over 700 observations were made in that time!

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OMG!! That is very cool. And may qualify as iNat crack lol.



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