CSV import error


Hello, I am trying to use a CSV file to import some observations. I am receiving this error:

Unquoted fields do not allow \r or \n in line 2.

  • Row(s): 2

Could someone help me to explain what I need to change? :) Thank you.



Sounds as though the converter is hitting a line break in your CSV file and thinks, perhaps correctly, that it’s not done parsing the line yet. If the line break occurs in some free text, that text needs to be wrapped in quotes in the CSV file. Don’t know how you generated it, but check the parameters or options on whatever is making the CSV file and it may let you correct that.



just a guess, but maybe in your csv you have a header row (row 1), a blank row (row 2), and additional rows that contain the data. if that’s the case, then maybe delete the blank second row and reload. it would be helpful to be able to see what the contents of your csv look like to do better troubleshooting.



Moved this to “Bug Reports”.

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