Cucurbit downy mildew - Why can't I find this as an organism on iNaturalist?

Hi All,
Cucurbit downy mildew is a type of Downy Mildew. I see several other downy mildews listed on iNaturalist, but not this one. Vegetable gardeners and farmers have to deal with this… it’s been around for many years. This mildew attacks cucumbers, where if unchecked it does a lot of crop damage. It also can attack pumpkins, squash, and plants in the Order Cucurbitales.

Why is it not listed as an organism? And can someone add it ?

Here is a link to my observation of Cucurbit Downy Mildew: Observation 126545099

Someone can certainly add it :) I’m presently waiting on a Euura moth species to become part of the system.

Welcome to the forum. I found it using the scientific name:


Have you tried flagging the genus and asking the curator to add your species?


Much appreciate how quickly A Curator adds the missing species I flag.

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see above