CV except certain taxa

Is there a way to get ID suggestions while eliminating a certain taxa? I know it’s not what is suggested. 9/10 all the same incorrect genus, #10 is not local. I know I can narrow down my results if I know for example what family something is in, but I don’t even have an idea what order this plant belongs to. Is it possible to eliminate that particular genus and get 9 new suggestions that are less matching? If not, can I make this a feature request?


Dear iNat, you may be ‘pretty sure’ but you are wrong. Please try again. Pretty please.

I have tried toggling between seen nearby and not - that can help, perhaps for an obvious cultivated plant that doesn’t have friends seen nearby, but has got matches where it comes from.


What are you talking about? Did a comment get deleted?

Nothing deleted. If we could reject iNat’s ‘pretty sure’ and get a fresh selection. Another way of getting what you asked for?

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